• Landmark status building with wood custommade windows and doors in Brooklyn

Historic landmark buildings embody the essence, beauty, and design of an earlier era. At Open Architectural Windows and Doors, we are committed to their accurate preservation.

Remodeling landmark buildings means navigating through a maze of permits and stringent specifications set by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission. At Open Architectural, our experience with landmark buildings makes these daunting remodels seem easy. We provide windows and doors that match the aesthetic specification of a historic building, while providing all the benefits of modern engineering. Our landmark doors and windows feature soundproofing, thermal insulation, and environmentally conscious materials.

Conserving a property’s architecture with integrity ensures its history continues to be told. We are sensitive to these specific requirements and can meet these unique conditions structurally, visually, and functionally.

Windows and doors define the look and capture the essence of any structure. Open Architecture highlights this essence and preserves the past for future generations to enjoy.



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