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Size Matters: Why Architects Choose Oversized IGUs

Size Matters: Why Architects Choose Oversized IGUs

As technology continues to change, so, too, do our windows. Innovative solutions continue to make possible that which seemed impossible, and even unimaginable, a decade ago. Perhaps the most apparent change within the window industry is the transition from windows being a solely functional part of our homes to being an integral part of your home’s design and aesthetic.

One of the most important developments has been the advent of the oversized IGU. Widely used in retail outlets and showrooms, oversized windows are an exceptionally effective way of emphasizing a building’s design, and illuminating and highlighting the building’s interior design. Increasingly, however, more architects and homeowners alike are becoming interested in what oversized windows can do for their homes.

Why Choose Oversized IGUs?

Why Choose Oversized IGUs

There are many reasons why people look for oversized IGUs. A major part of why oversized IGUs are so sought after and used within retail spaces, such as shops and showrooms, is because they offer stunning, uninterrupted views.

As a result of this, they are occasionally used in buildings with modern designs. This is because larger windows allow properties to showcase what’s inside. Newer buildings are often designed to facilitate larger windows for this purpose. 

Standard-sized windows simply cannot match the appeal, or the design possibilities, that oversized windows offer. Oversized units provide a greater sense of openness within a space. Likewise, with increased light and views, they blur the lines between a building’s interior and exterior. Again, this is perfect if you have something inside you would like to show off, or, on the other hand, if you would like to better enjoy the surrounding views.

This means they’re also perfect if you have a view, or your property overlooks your garden, or is situated next to the coast. Additionally, oversized IGUs offer significantly more wind resistance than standard sized windows. They are designed to withstand extreme weight loads and weather conditions. 

Here at Open Architectural Windows and Doors, we are excited to share our new range of oversized IGUs with you. We are now able to provide IGUs of up to 10.5ft x 61ft. All units are processed, tempered, laminated, printed, coated and cold bent. Our uniquely oversized IGUs are designed to give architects maximum freedom. By removing the need to only use standard sized windows, it creates new possibilities within design. What was previously unimaginable, has now become a reality.

Picture shows a licensed and certified crew installing an oversized IGU curtain wall on an OPEN AWD project on the west side of Manhattan.

Advantages of Oversized IGUs

Oversized IGUs provide a greater degree of thermal resistance than standard-sized windows. For example, a single oversized IGU will provide greater thermal insulation than multiple, smaller IGUs. This is due to weak spots or joints, which can allow air to pass through, thereby reducing the window’s efficiency. Larger IGUs mean fewer joints and weak spots, which means greater thermal efficiency and maximum comfort.

Another benefit of more glass being on display means that solar heat gain can be maximized. Solar heat gain is the amount of heat which enters a building through its window. This will be natural heat, such as sunlight.  With more glass on display, more sunlight can enter the building, heating up the space. This will help you to significantly cut down on heating costs. Additional coatings, such as Low-E coatings, can be added to control the amount of heat retained as well as any glare from sunlight.

Installation of Oversized IGUs

Installation of Oversized IGUs

One of the primary reasons why oversized IGUs are less common is because most window manufacturers and suppliers are simply unable to produce them, let alone install them. As a result, the installation process is usually a little different than with standard IGUs. Designing and manufacturing oversized IGUs requires specialized machinery; installing them requires the use of cranes and machines.

Logistics are also a problem. In cities, entire blocks often have to be shut down to facilitate the transportation of the panels. Only experienced companies are equipped to design and provide oversized IGUs for you. Similarly, only certified and licensed installers are equipped to handle such projects.

Pictures of Oversized IGUs being Installed at an Open AWD Project

Installation of Oversized IGUs - Open AWD Project
Installation of Oversized IGUs - Open AWD Project - 2

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