The difference between achieving something good and something great lies in the attention to detail. At Open Architectural, we deliver aesthetic interest and detail in our line of Wood Clad Windows. We offer aluminum, bronze, and copper cladding that will add a unique finish to the exterior of your home. Wood Clad Windows are extremely versatile, and can be found in modern homes, as we as on more decorative and traditional exteriors.

In addition to bringing a unique finish to your windows, Wood Clad Windows deliver on functionality. Metal cladding makes the windows more resistant to weather and deterioration. Wood Clad Windows are a low maintenance way to bring style and function into your home.

Our Wood Clad Windows are made to last. All of our wood clad products provide superior protection against the elements, with a solid exterior that provides excellent thermal insulation and can withstand extreme weather conditions. You will enjoy the look of our metal clad windows for years to come, without worrying about the hassle of reframing your windows.

We offer several different profiles to match your needs and aesthetic. Our wood clad windows range from sleek, geometrical designs to more ornate and sculptural finishes.

Wood Clad Windows feature versatile usage and functionality, as well as a customizable look. Each window has the following:

  • Welded corner connection
  • Wood section thickness 56-68 mm
  • Glazing thickness 24-44 mm
  • Sash and frame profile bending



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