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Steel Frame Interior Doors
We are excited to present a new line of our Interior Doors – Steel Frame Doors. Incredibly airy and lightweight design will bring true elegance to your interiors. The highest quality galvanized steel and the 2mm steel profiles make it possible to produce exceptionally thin door frames without compromising durability. Steel Frame doors are a perfect fit for modern interiors. They also add character to loft-style apartments. Their minimalism will enhance the design of your living room or a study.
Slim System – INTEG
Wood Alum System – Integral In harmony with nature, it is a premium window system that surely alters the appearance inside as well as outside. Integral system provides body to the building framework. It defines spatiality along with atmosphere. It helps in bringing light and air inside and life outside. It is a result of various efforts the aim of which was to come across material-friendly and structurally demanding window structures. With the help of this integral system, this aim is accomplished. Although, there are materials possessing specific behavior and properties but the combination of wood and aluminum turns out...
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