About Us

Dedication to architectural beauty and style makes Open Architectural Windows & Doors a top choice for prestigious projects that span throughout the globe. Our team is based in the historic neighborhood of Redhook, Brooklyn.

OPEN ARCHITECTURAL develops and produces top quality profile systems for a huge variety of applications:

  • doors and windows with thermal break
  • curtain walls and glazed roofs
  • safety doors and windows (burglar proof, bullet proof)
  • doors, windows and curtain walls in wood/wood aluminum/ wood bronze/ steel /stainless steel

In addition to all-round support from our technical consultants, we also assist the planner by providing detailed documentation.

Top architects choose our products because open recognizes the individual aesthetic of each client and creates custom doors and windows to fit the client’s vision. The windows are available in oak, teak, mahogany, pine, and eucalyptus grandis. They are also available in bronze or aluminum cladding.


Our Story

The Open brand is framed around you. Built on a heritage of quality and innovation, we are continuously leading the industry in product design and function. Each product is made to order, one at a time, to meet your exact specifications. With our customization capabilities, exclusive innovations, and our high-performance energy efficient options, you will be able to find beautiful windows and doors that perfectly fit your project. Our unmatched customer service ensures that we will be there with you for every step of the process.