Single & Double Hung Windows

Single & Double Hung Windows


Single & Double Hung Windows can be seen in almost every building in America, a popular choice for both commercial and residential structures. Single hung windows, given their simpler engineering, are typically more affordable. They are most commonly featured in older houses and older commercial facilities. Double hung windows are more easily maintained than single hung windows and they are more flexible in terms of air circulation. While double hung windows incur a higher installation and production cost, they are often favored for their increased functionality and ease of use.

Single and double hung windows both possess two sashes, or glass panels. In a single hung window you can only open one sash. On the other hand, in a double hung window, both sashes are operable.

Single & Double Hung Windows Material Options

  • Wood
  • Wood Aluminum Combination
  • Wood Bronze Combination

Single & Double Hung Windows System Description

All Single & Double Hung Windows by Open Architectural are available in a wide range of colors and designs.

  • Custom Design
  • Custom Configuration of Dimensions
  • Durability
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Unlimited Color Selection