Outswing Casement Windows

Outswing Casement Windows


Casement windows feature sashes which are attached to the window by one or more hinges, offering versatility in style and function. Outswing windows and European style windows use unique multi-point operating hardware. Multi-point hardware features stronger hinges that are able to support a more structured and larger window sash.

Opting for an outswing casement window gives you more freedom in interior design and decoration as there is no intrusion into your home. Our outswing casement windows also feature interior solar shades or screens.

Outswing Casement Windows Material Options

  • Wood
  • Wood and Aluminum Material Clad
  • Wood and Bronze Material Clad
  • Bright Steel
  • Continuously Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel 1.4301, Grinded, 220-240 Grain

Outswing Casement Windows System Description

Outswing Casement Windows by Open Architectural are available in every color. These unique windows by Open Architectural are also available in any conceivable design, making the windows fully customizable to your unique style and aesthetic.

  • Custom Configuration of all Light Cutouts and All Dimensions
  • Recessed or Flush Design
  • Durability
  • Water-Resistance and Low Maintenance
  • Unlimited Selection of Colors
  • Laser-cut, Stainless Steel Framed Light Cutout Available

Our outswing casement windows is controlled by a single handle. By manipulating different turning angles, one handle is able to control multiple functions.

Our outswing casement windows are extremely durable thanks to our unique hinging mechanism. With Open Architectural Windows, functionality is never sacrificed for style.