Facade System Windows

Facade System Windows


A Modular System – Freedom For Designers


With the help of the Open Architectural mullion-transom glazing system, Open Architectural Windows & Doors is proud to offer a curtain wall system curated for large, multi-story, heavily-subdivided glass areas. Our Open Architectural Fabox RK can be used for complex glass roofs in the same fashion as classic winter garden construction.

Our Open Fabox RK Material Options

  • Wood
  • Wood and Aluminum Material Combination
  • Wood and Bronze Material Combination
  • Steel
  • Continuously Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel 1.4301, Grinded, 220-240 Grain
  • Cover Profiles in Bronze, Wood, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum
  • Sub-Structures in Steel and Wood

Extraordinary Aesthetic Appeal

Our Open Fabox RK curtain wall system holds great aesthetic appeal thanks to a slender visible section width of 2” and an individual surface and profile design.

Open Fabox RK Performance

  • Quick and Basic Processing Pace Due to Few System Components
  • Newly Tested and Approved Overhead Glazing, Slope – 10 to 75 Degrees (5 Degrees Possible With Some Restrictions)

Open Fabox RK Creativity

  • Our Open Fabox RK curtain wall system offers flexibility in configuration to both the project planner and the architect. Our unique system offers near-unlimited options in sub-structures.

Maximum transparency of Open Fabox RK:

Facade System Windows 01

The Open Fabox 2-way SG variant greatly reduces the visible portion of the building exterior framing.

Open Fabox RK System Description

  • The glazing system of Open Fabox RK is attached to simple micro-laminated wood or rectangular laminated timber. Because of this attachment, a special preparation of the support profile is necessary.
  • Maximum Tightness. Permitted overlapping of the inner mullion-transom seals on four planes at the T joint allows freedom for both the architects and designers.
  • Wood add-on construction with 2″ face widths offers further curtain wall design possibilities.
  • Large selection of sophisticated connection profiles.

Cross Section & Thermal Insulation

Facade System Windows 02
Facade System Windows 03