Curtain Wall Windows

Curtain Wall Windows


Curtain Wall Windows are unique façade-style windows that replace entire walls with a solid area of glass. Curtain Wall Windows can be manufactured with integrated doors and window, making them versatile and functional. The graceful, elegant façade allows unique possibilities in interior design. Curtain Wall Windows create a seamless transition from the outdoors to the interior, creating a stunning visual effect. Our Curtain Wall Windows are a high-quality product boasting energy efficient glass and advanced security features. Every curtain wall window we craft is a slim profile window featuring a slim, elegant design while still incorporating the natural beauty of the wood. Façade style windows, like our Curtain Wall Windows, can reach incredible dimensions without sacrificing style. A twenty-foot curtain wall system needs no more than a two-inch beam.

Curtain Wall Windows Material options

  • Wood
  • Wood and Aluminum Clad
  • Wood and Bronze Clad
  • Bright Steel
  • Continuously Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel 1.4301, Grinded, 220-240 Grain

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Curtain wall Windows System description.

OPEN F2+ Passiv | F2.3+ Passive System

  • Passive house curtain wall system with 2″ or 2 1/2″ face width
  • OPEN Architectural Passive house viability in accordance with the IFT directive WA-15/I, in combination with the required service ability
  • Same profile for transom and mullion, no transom profile notching
  • Straight cutting. Minimal off-cuts
  • Rational Installation and Manufacture.
  • Patented and unique joint connector technology for gap-free connection between transoms and mullions
  • Low edge radius for visually flawless transom connection
  • Maximum glass loads up to 1300 LB, which depends on window loads

Curtain Wall Windows by Open Architectural seamlessly fit into any space they are featured on, blending into the building as well as the surroundings.