Bay & Bow Windows

Bay & Bow Windows


Bay and Bow windows combine modern engineering with a classic design. These windows possess a high quality construction, lending versatility and durability to the window. Aside from their functionality, Bay & Bow Windows provide a distinct architectural element to your home.

Bay Windows and Bow Windows, although similar, have several important distinctions. A bay window features a fixed, central window which is flanked on either side by two venting windows of the customer’s choice. Bow windows are four or more windows that are joined together to form a stunning curve. Your bow windows can be entirely fixed or you can choose to combine several venting windows.

The premium design and exclusive quality of OPEN Bay & Bow Windows will guarantee that they will be a beautiful focal point on the exterior and interior of your home. Every OPEN Architectural Bay & Bow Window is a hand-made product, adding both architectural interest and an exaggerated view to any home.

We at Open Architectural can guarantee that our Bay & Bow Windows will make any room in your family home more open and vibrant. Our Bay & Bow Windows use a combination of Double Hung and Casement Windows.

Bay & Bow Windows Material Options

  • Wood
  • Wood and Aluminum Clad
  • Wood and Bronze Clad
  • Wood and Copper Clad
  • Bright Steel
  • Continuously Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel 1.4301, Grinded, 220-240 Grain

Bay & Bow Windows System Description

Open Architectural Windows are available in any color and in every conceivable design.

  • Custom configuration of all dimensions and light cutouts
  • Flush or recessed design
  • Weather resistant, durable, low maintenance
  • Practically unlimited color selection
  • Laser-cut, stainless steel framed light cutout available