Awning Windows

Awning Windows


Open Architectural awning windows feature a glass panel hinged to the top of the frame. This allows our awning style windows to swing outward. Open Architectural awning windows can be installed as a stand-alone window or as an addition to picture and casement windows. Every awning window manufactured by Open Architectural is aesthetically striking, in addition to being a product of high-quality engineering.

Open Architectural Windows crafts windows for modern as well as traditional homes. Our traditional awning windows come in unique shapes, grille patterns, and exterior colors. For a more modern look, our Contemporary Awning Windows feature minimalist hardware and modern finishes. Both our Tradition and Contemporary Awning Windows feature exceptional energy efficiency.

Awning Windows Material options

  • Wood
  • Wood and Aluminum Clad
  • Wood and Bronze Clad
  • Wood and Copper Clad
  • Bright Steel
  • Continuously Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel 1.4301, Grinded, 220-240 grain

Awning Windows System Description

Open Architectural Awning Windows are available in any color and in every conceivable design.

  • Custom configuration of all dimensions and light cutouts
  • Flush or recessed design
  • Weather resistant, durable, low maintenance
  • Practically unlimited color selection
  • Laser-cut, stainless steel framed light cutout available