Decorating the walls affects the interior and the overall look of the room like nothing else. Therefore, you should approach the choice of material not only from “oh how nice it will look” position, but also pay attention to practicality. After all, each room has its own functional areas.

Our collection of products offers architects and interior designers a way to creatively transform both interior and exterior surfaces. With our decorative coatings it is possible to achieve bespoke surfaces designed specifically to realize your vision and artistic intent.

With our wide range of products we are able to create all the classic finishes and have limitless possibilities for creating new textures, patterns and finishes to meet any contemporary design criteria. You can expect consistent quality and support that only an industry leader can guarantee.

We offer the wide variety of high-end products including wall painting, plasters, wallpapers, wall panels, textured coatings and paints.

Welcome to the inspiring world of ArchWork wall finishes.

Our clients

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