Glass railing systems are an important part of modern architecture. Due to the unique aesthetic qualities, they are increasingly used inside and outside the buildings. Such structures provide a unique character for residential and commercial facilities, such as offices, shopping centers, etc.

Due to the utility character of glass railings the safety aspects are essential during design stage, and particularly the strength of the railing for various loads and depending on application place.

Modern coating technology for glass brings every desired shade in unique brilliance to your fittings. And in spite of the quick delivery time, we always take care that the quality of our products is never compromised – made in Germany.

Railings System Description

  • Simple alignment of the glass
  • Very easy and fast installation
  • Unforced assembly
  • Trouble free replacement of the glass panels by simply loosening the clamps
  • The profiles are already equipped with draining holes in order to allow incoming water to run off
  • Unlimited width of the glass panels with handrail
  • Suitable for balustrades installed over heights of 12 m
  • Certified for shorter glass panels and for attica installations as well

We can offer various combinations of OPEN Railing systems that will surely suit any of your needs. Different types of mounting – floor mounting for modern, postless architecture and maximum transparency; front mounting for effortless modernizing the buildings and the system with the point fixings.