Slim System – INTEG

Wood Alum System – Integral

In harmony with nature, it is a premium, slimline window system that surely alters the appearance inside as well as outside. Integral system provides body to the building framework. It defines spatiality along with atmosphere. It helps in bringing light and air inside and life outside. It is a result of various efforts the aim of which was to come across material-friendly and structurally demanding window structures. With the help of this integral system, this aim is accomplished. Although, there are materials possessing specific behavior and properties but the combination of wood and aluminum turns out to accomplish the aims.

The wood-aluminum system has a narrow frame with fully covered sashes till the noise-insulating glass windowpane and with the help of big glass surfaces it is possible that the high light penetrates. The narrow profile makes sure a great extent of elegance as well as timeless design. The integral system protects your to a great extent against weather effects and permits a sophisticated design.

Some of the features of wood aluminum integral system are:

  • arrow frame surfaces with fully covered sashes which is the main characteristic of the design;
  • excellent thermal insulation;
  • the profiles exhibit clear lines with small radii on the evident edge;
  • maximum protection against weather effects is made sure with the help of well-ventilated frames that are attached to the wood tension-free;
  • the combination of aluminum durability and wood excellence;
  • 3 alternatives of the wood thickness;
  • different finishing options of bead shelf – square or angled.

The wood aluminum integral system provides maximum quality. Modern trends in the design of window favor slim rectangular forms as well as aluminum profiles connected to the frame. The wood aluminum integral system provides best features of the both the materials: wood and aluminum. For instance, aluminum characterizes long lasting color in particular when powder coating is used and low maintenance. In addition to that, wood offers good thermal features and natural beauty. The covering of aluminum protects the natural wood and all in all making this system a preferable choice for the windows.