System for energy efficient windows, doors and screens. Sustainable, ecological, 100% steel

Opens Architectural works have quite a number of steel products. These products range from doors, to windows and screens. As it is with our company, we promise you elegance, precision and impeccable performance and to crown it all we give you durability and brute strength.

Opens makes use of the traditional system of welded steel products to give you windows and doors yet we have refined our methods and production to ensure that we bring two new innovations to the market of steel. These new innovations include an increased thermal efficiency as well as uniquely slim products to fit into any size and space our client’s desire.

Uniquely we do have a FUTURA XS system which is such designed that windows with thermal insulated elements as well as fixed glazing and ultra slim facings. This system opens up to a diversity of possibilities and due to its profile nature being of 100% steel it is suited for renovation of old buildings. This system also provides excellent sound insulation properties making it suitable for commercial buildings and office spaces.

steel 3

Our steel designs do come in two classes which are bright steel and continuous galvanized steel. With specifications which include:

  • Thermal insulation: U-values up to 0.15, fixed glazing up to 0.14
  • NFRC Certification
  • Enhanced tightness from three circumferential sealing layers
  • Glass elements up to 2 1/2″ (triple insulation glazing)
  • Burglary-resistance RC2
  • All system applications comply with EN 14351-1 (CE marking)
  • Sound insulation values up to Rw = 47 dB
  • Thermal Break
  • Welded corners, which provides a greater and stronger connection to reduce corrosion.

Opens provides our clients with innovations and unique options which ensure that our clients get maximum value for their money. We cater to all types of clients with all sorts of needs and specifications.