Aluminum Clad Wood

Aluminum Clad Wood

aluminum clad wood
aluminum clad wood

Open Architectural Windows and Door is a construction and design company with a comprehensive range of profiles. We have a wood aluminum system, which offers a range of products for our clients which can serve from residential to commercial buildings. We have standard window constructions with different styles including slanted windows, semi- circular windows, segmented arches and various other designs.

Our Wood Alum. System – Trademark Classic

System Description

  • Opens has a system which is suitable for unique combinations such as wood/ bronze combination which can have punched corners.
  • We have a range of gaskets for every area of application including mullion profiles joints and optimized structural connections.
  • Aluminum construction can be single, double or pitched rebate construction.
  • Opens has different plinth heights to accommodate different wood projections.
  • The aluminum clad woods are installation friendly, economical and easy on the finances as well as being provided with aluminum shell fastening to the wooden parts.

Cross Section and Thermal Insulations

aluminum clad wood 3     aluminum clad wood 4


aluminum clad wood 5

Open Wood Alum. System – INTEG

System Description

This is another unique system from opens with specialized features which include

  • A system which can be executed in single, double and pitched rebate construction.
  • With slight modifications to the wood sash this system can be patterned in the classical style with wood placed on the offset wood cross section
  • Profiles can display clear lines with small radii on the visible edge
  • The system has narrow frames with concealed sashes
  • The thermal insulation system is superb
aluminum clad wood
aluminum clad wood

The wooden aluminum system is unique in that it offers different and varied types of profiles with customized solutions for all our clients to suit their style and purpose. If the purpose is commercial or residential we present on request classic designs with solid technology and aesthetic beauty.

We are serious about customer satisfaction and no design wish no matter how difficult is left unfulfilled. All types of window styles and variations are available including diverse shapes of slants, curves and whatever suits the fancy of our clients.

We do adhere to standards and statues on our classic basic designs with identical thickness for sash and frame. We also achieve numerous technical and optical variations which are weather friendly and offer diverse colorations and calisthenics.