Unique Slimness

Unique Slimness

unique slimness
unique slimness

Open Steel System – Futuro XS

Tired of using glass windows and glass fixed glazing which gets affected by weather, retains stains on it, gets hot in sunlight, vulnerable to mechanical stress, shows colour beams instead of reflecting the light, really want to get rid of it, relax, Open Futuro XS can provide you the product, you are so impatiently looking for.

Yes, it is a system which delivers thermally insulated fixed glazing and windows with ultra slim facings. These wonder products are made up of pure steel. Steel used are bright steel and continuously galvanized steel. This system allows varying applications like many opening variations. It manufactures installing fillings of 21/2”, thus allowing these class products to acquire maximum sound insulation and very low U values. Thus, you can keep yourself pretty calm from the noise of outside world and incredibly warm from the extreme cold of nature once you are inside this magnificent product.

Steel windows and steel doors give a classy and unique touch to offices, homes and at the same time deliver functionality as well as durability of this Open Futuro XS system. So, these are optimally suited for renovating old buildings, homes and hospitals etc.

Material options

  • Bright steel
  • Continuously galvanised steel

Face width

  • Single and double vent casements from 2 1/4″
  • Fixed glazing from 1″

steel 3

Performance Specification

  • It provides thermal insulation with U-values of windows up to 0.9 W/(m2·K) and fixed glazing’s up to 0.8 W/(m2·K).
  • its filling elements up to 2 1/2” (triple insulation glazing)
  • It gives enhanced tightness with three circumferential sealing layers.
  • It provides sound insulation up to Rw = 47 dB.
  • Its burglary-resistance is RC2.
  • It has Open Wood Alum. System – INTEGRAL.
  • All of its system applications comply with EN 14351-1 (CE marking)
  • Its Fittings consist of Concealed system for both single and double casements of turn/tilt and side-hung windows for casement weight up to max. 330 pounds.
  • Standard casement sizes up to 49″×98″(W×H).

Open Wood Alum. System – INTEGRAL

So, by using the teachings of minimalism, we have made with Wood Aluminum this premium window system for you. So, narrow profile views ensure timeless design and high degree of elegance. With INTEGRAL wood aluminum system, weather influences are no more a trouble for you. Even this, INTEGRAL system is available in a great range of narrow profiles, thus fitting best and allowing most sophisticated design. This INTEGRAL system is:

  • Characterized by narrow frames with hidden sashes.
  • Has magnificent thermal insulation.
  • Due to small radi on the visible edge, clear lines are displayed by profiles.
unique slimness
unique slimness